High Technology And Human Development

Some basic requirements – often found by executives and supported by executives – exercise a collective awareness of those they lead, provided they encourage voluntary development. Development is usually better, but not necessarily civilized.

The premise in question takes the following form: “Our technological progress is unprecedented. Once we reach this level, we must also prepare our societies for peace. To ensure peace, technology must be revised to promote war policies.”

Progress in this direction sets a dangerous precedent for other societies that fear threats to their respective sovereignty. You are also forced to promote military technology. In the world of civilization, this type of development is neither lauded nor morally justified. Since this is morally unjustifiable, it is socially irresponsible.

A spot check showed that it would be the last to cause the problem. The last premise is the conclusion of the previous two premises, but it is not logically derived at all. What it shows is a conclusion drawn with gusto, and therefore not considered a conclusion by a rationally prepared mind, at least at the time when it is made.

A society that develops according to the above conditions – and especially according to illogical conclusions – has left its people with a spirit of non-negotiation that is not negotiated. Meanwhile, the power of lust determines the speed of human behavior.

Whether it’s a constructive commitment or a strong-willed partnership, the principle of equality doesn’t really work because of the superiority syndrome involving both leaders and leaders. And other societies that refuse to take part in the collective sensibilities or desires of such societies, with the expected logic, become potential or actual enemies and face confrontation in all possible spheres.

Much of what we learn about the modern world through the media is of course dominated by the latest technology. The societies with the most technology are sometimes referred to as the most advanced. It was not only their progress that lifted them to the pinnacle of power, excellence, and glory.

You can also use technology to simplify and advance your understanding of life and nature in many directions. This direction tends to erase as much of the previous connection between life and nature as possible, which was in many ways mystical and dangerous. This last point does not necessarily mean that technological progress is a sign of a higher civilization.

What we need to know is that civilization and technology are not marriage terms. Civilized people may or may not have modern technology. Civilization is not just a matter of science and technology or technical infrastructure or, again, a miracle of buildings; It is also related to the moral and mental reflexes of society, as well as their social cohesion in their own society and beyond.