Smoke Alarm Installation with the Help of a Specialist in Brisbane

When for any reason, ceiling setup isn't functional and wall-mounted installations are allowed, it is possible to install smoke alarms on the wall using its top border at a minimum of 4" (10cm) and a max of 12" (30.5cm) below the ceiling.

Before the smoke alarm installation on the ceiling or wall, then think about checking the home insulation. Older homes may be overlooking a ceiling (if available to the loft) or outside wall insulation. 

This could allow extreme cold or heat transfer from outside into the home, making a thermal barrier, also protect against smoke from reaching /triggering the alert. If that is true (you can merely touch the ceiling or wall during very cold or hot days), mount a smoke detector in the interior wall of the home.

Some major requirements are given below:

  • The wall may be coming down from the ceiling (at 24") or upward from the ground.
  • DO NOT install smoke detectors in subsequent regions to lessen the possibility of false alerts.
  • Places where combustion particles exist (Combustion Particles – the by-products of draining procedure).
  • Check for badly ventilated kitchens.
  • Check for high airflow. High airflow may blow smoke or change it away in the sensor preventing it from reacting correctly or in any way.